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Our mission here at Kiru Wellness is to disrupt the current delivery of mental health care by making it widely accessible and exceedingly practical. 


This is not traditional talk therapy. There’s no couch. There’s no lying down.


Our method is different. We provide a practical, evidence-based framework to build confidence and connection quickly, and for the long term.

We live in an era of unprecedented stress, pressure
and overwhelm. 


Low Moods 

High Stress

These only scratch the surface on how it’s affecting us. People are struggling, more than ever, to navigate their life especially during times of hardship. This makes it increasingly difficult to understand our own emotions and cope with our day to day experiences.

Our ability to show up in this world the way we want to is directly tied to our confidence level and the depth of our relationships.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you build your personal power, create more meaningful connections and develop greater overall resilience.

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Message from Our Founder

Kiru Wellness Shyamala Kiru

Hi, I'm Shyamala

As the proud founder of the Kiru Wellness Clinic, I’m passionate about offering you the tools, skills and support needed to build deeper confidence and true emotional intelligence, regardless of circumstances. My clinical team and I are committed to delivering change that is actionable, sustainable and highly practical. 


Book in now for a complimentary intake call so we can match you with a therapist and service perfect for you. 

My clinical team and I are committed to delivering change that is actionable, sustainable and highly practical.

Join us. We are about to take your confidence and, ultimately, your life to a whole new level.

As Seen On


As Seen On


Shyamala Kiru is an on-screen relationship and mental health expert.

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Still have doubts? We can help.

Our clients agree that virtual therapy is not only as effective, it's far easier to schedule, making regular attendance more likely.  Aside from the logistical ease of virtual therapy, when we are in our own environment we are typically more comfortable and in turn are able to share more freely.  We recommend you at least trying virtual therapy by booking a free 20 minute consult.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

Agreed.  Traditional approaches can take months and even years before you begin seeing results.  Some of our clients have even told us that they’ve tried getting help before and all they did was talk, vent and cry without any usable solutions.  Good things we are obsessed with delivering results, quickly and effectively.  Most of our clients come to us because they want real, long-term change that doesn’t take forever.  After all, you’ve got major contributions to make to the world.  Book a free 20 minute consult to get started!

We agree completely.  Therapy is a big investment of time and money.  While that might work for some, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and connected.  We’ve got solutions for you!  We have therapists available at a variety of rates.  Regardless of who you work with, you care is under the direction of our clinic director.  We will create a personalized plan to meet your needs and your budget. Want to test the waters?  Book a free 20 minute consult to see what we are all about!

We hear you.  It can be a little intimidating and, at times, simply inconvenient.  That’s why we are uniquely trained and positioned as Canada’s leading virtual clinic for individual, couple and family therapy. We are confident that we have a solution that is not only highly effective at helping you reach your goals, but also incredibly accessible. Try a free 20 minute consult to find out if we are a good fit!

This is a no-brainer for us.  We believe that when we support an individual in making changes, their whole life, including everyone in it, changes as well.  Over 70% of our practice is individuals wanting to live their best lives, despite their partner, child, or family member’s reluctance in joining them.  We don’t have control over others, however, our choices can influence their behaviours.  We teach you the skills you need to navigate your relationships with ease. Book a free 20 minute consult to find out how we can help!

Still have questions? We got you.

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