Attachment Styles: Introduction

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was emotionally unavailable or emotionally exhausting? 

After one or two failed relationships self doubt starts to set in and people start to ask themselves “is there something wrong with me?” 

How you form attachments with other adults is strongly correlated with how you formed attachments to others as a child.

Understanding your own attachment style will help you understand your strengths and your vulnerabilities in a relationship. Your attachment style determines how you perceive emotional intimacy, your ability to communicate your emotions and your ability to respond to the emotional needs of your partner. 

Our attachment patterns impact how we behave in our relationships, who we choose to be in relationships with, and how we respond when we think our needs are not being met. 

This blog series will highlight the following attachment styles: 

  • Secure Attachment Style
  • Avoidant Attachment Style
  • Anxious Attachment Style
  • Disorganized Attachment Style

Being aware of your own attachment style will help give you insight into the choices you are making in your relationships and how to go about creating healthy relationships.

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