Black & White Thinking

Reduce anxiety and depression by challenging common cognitive distortions

“My way or the highway”

Do you feel everything needs to be done a certain way? 

Does your rigid thinking cause you to look at situations in extremes? 

Do you see events, things and even people as being either good or bad, successful or a complete failure? 

If so, you might find yourself caught in the Thinking Trap of Black and White Thinking.  

Black and white thinking is believing everything is either good or bad and right or wrong. It is a very fixed mindset and tends to create very rigid behaviours.

Black and white thinking typically creates discord, conflict and tension in our lives and particularly, in our relationships. This negative thinking pattern is more likely to cause increased stress, disappointment, frustration and anger.

Tips to get unstuck from Black and White Thinking:

  1. Recognize your rigid thought patterns

Slow down your thoughts and identify when you are falling into the trap of black and white thinking.  Writing down your thoughts in a journal can help.  

  1. Live in the grey area

Instead of seeing things as black and white, consider that life is actually nuanced with many shades and colours and that sometimes, issues are actually grey.  There isn’t always a concrete right or wrong, so make space for alternative perspectives.  

  1. Seek support 

Let friends and family know you’re trying to identify and change your thinking patterns.  Allow those you trust to support you by identifying for you when you might fall into thinking traps. 

If you need additional support, we’re here. Feel free to reach out anytime.  

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