Disorganized Attachment (Part One)

“The closer I want to be, the more I fear you and want to run away”

Those who relate to this type of attachment style most likely received mixed messages from their primary caregivers:  “come close, but go away”.

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Anxious Attachment

“If they really loved me, they would have…,” or “they’re going to leave me.” 

Anxious attachment is developed when someone doesn’t receive consistent love and care throughout childhood.

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Attachment Styles: Introduction

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was emotionally unavailable or emotionally exhausting? 

After one or two failed relationships self doubt starts to set in and people start to ask themselves “is there something wrong with me?” 

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Assertive Communication

Assertiveness: The only strategy that allows us and others to be fully and authentically engaged in a relationship 

Have you taken the time to read the other blog posts in this series? 

I’ll wait… 😉 

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Aggressive Communication

At the core of the aggressive communication style is the desire to get what you want at any cost. This could mean the cost of others, and the cost of our personal relationships. 

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Passive Communication

When we have a passive communication style, we have been conditioned to believe that it is best to keep what we think, feel and need to ourselves. This drive is motivated by a strong fear of rejection and abandonment. 

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