Communication Styles: Introduction

Reduce distress in relationships by communicating with confidence 

Do you find yourself constantly in arguments and not feeling understood or respected in your relationships? 

One of the top concerns that we see in our clinic are challenges with interpersonal relationships. On the top of this list is conflict with: partners, in-laws, parents, children and colleagues. 

While mindset plays a large role in our capacity to regulate our own emotions and behaviours, what seems to be a defining factor in healthy, harmonious relationships is our communication style. 

This blog series will review four communication styles: 

  • Passive 
  • Aggressive 
  • Passive Aggressive 
  • Assertive 

Our favorite communication style is the assertive style of communication!  This is the style of communication that we coach our clients on so that they can have high performance relationships!  

A communication style is not a personality type, and most people find that their style may change depending on who they are talking with. While there may be  “benefits” or adaptive reasons why we may have adopted traits from the first three styles, we hope that throughout this series you will see why assertiveness is the winner. 

Assertiveness ultimately leads us to communicate with confidence to build authentic connections that essentially foster the high performance relationships that we all want! 

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