Manage Stress During Change

My family and I recently moved.  We sold our home quicker than expected and had less than a month to find a new place, pack and move.  Needless to say, it was a very stressful time.  In fact, moves top the list in terms of stressors.  Priorities shift and time becomes scarce.

Now that we are settled in to our new home, I began reflecting on how stressful change can be.  I thought about what I did that allowed me to manage stress better along with some indicators that stress was getting the better of me (ie, I haven’t blogged the entire time we were moving!).

The reality is, change is inevitable.  In fact, I would say that change is a natural, healthy part of life.  Our ability to manage stress during the change process, however, does not always come naturally.  How do you cope with stress and change?

3 Ways to Manage Stress:

Keep Some Consistency

Even though you may be going through a change (ie a new job, a move, etc), try to keep some consistency in your life.  During my move I found it very helpful to stay committed to my morning workouts.  Regardless of how busy my day was, I made sure I set aside some time for myself and kept this part of my schedule consistent.

Be Realistic

When we are going through a change in life, it’s important to note that we may not be able to manage everything we have been used to managing.  As much as I’m committed to making healthy, home cooked meals as much as possible for myself and my family, I wasn’t able to do this all the time.  My energy was pulled in different directions and I needed to let some meals slide.  We had pizza more often than I would have liked!

Focus on What You Can Control

With change comes unpredictability.  When life feels more out of control than we would like, it’s important to stay focused on what you can control.  The more we focus on what we CAN’T control, the more unmanageable stress becomes.  The more we focus on what we CAN control, the more empowered we feel.

So next time you are going through a change, take some time to reflect on how you want to manage stress.  Remember, with some conviction, we can all aim to be the best version of ourselves regardless of what’s happening around us.


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