Parenting Hack: ABC Behaviour Management

One of the greatest challenges parents face is managing their children’s behaviour. Whether your child is refusing to follow a simple request or having a full-blown tantrum, parents are often stuck on how to respond. These steps will provide a roadmap to calmer and more consistent ways to manage your child’s behaviour.

What are the ABC’s


What happened right before the behaviour occurred?  These factors can help you predict when difficult behaviours are likely to occur. Identifying and anticipating these triggers are extremely helpful in preventing unwanted behaviours.


Behaviours are a form of communication.  When your child is “acting out”, reframe this for yourself.  Remind yourself that they are simply trying to communicate with you through their behaviours.  What is your child trying to tell you through their behaviours? Do you want to encourage or discourage these behaviours from reoccurring?


Consequences are what happens right after a behaviour occurs.  This is our greatest area of influence as parents when it comes to behaviour management.  How do you respond to the behaviour? A parent’s response to the behaviour will significantly affect whether that behavior happens again.

Parenting can be really challenging.  We get it. If you’d like support in putting these steps into practice, contact us, we’d love to help!

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