Black & White Thinking

June 21, 2019

Do you feel everything needs to be done a certain way? Does your rigid thinking cause you to look at situations in extremes?

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Mind Reading

June 11, 2019

Have you ever caught yourself knowing for sure what someone else is thinking? If so, read on this one’s for you!

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Thinking Trap Series: Introduction

May 28, 2019

Are you finding yourself stuck in a negative feedback loop with no way out?

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Parenting Hack: Using Consequences

May 13, 2019

It is inevitable that our children will do things we don’t like and things we don’t want them to do again. On the other hand, they will also do things we do like and things we want them to keep doing.

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Parents, Stop Over Functioning!

May 6, 2019

Are you feeling more stressed, tired, or worried about your child’s life than she/he is about their own life?  Do you do for your children what they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves?  You are probably over-functioning! 

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Unsubscribe From Anxiety

May 2, 2019

Anxiety.  Also known as, The Confidence Killer.Beware.This prevalent and persistent, fear-based, emotion profoundly gets in the way of our ability to feel confident.  Even worse?  It further alienates us from our dreams, goals and passions.Most of us struggle to live life as fully as we would like.  We find ourselves overwhelmed by feelings of fear…

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Parenting Hack: ABC Behaviour Management

April 23, 2019

One of the greatest challenges parents face is managing their children’s behaviour. Whether your child is refusing to follow a simple request or having a full-blown tantrum, parents are often stuck on how to respond. These steps will provide a roadmap to calmer and more consistent ways to manage your child’s behaviour. What are the…

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Women, Relationships & Burnout

April 16, 2019

Recently, our Clinical Director, Dr. Shyamala, was featured on a panel discussion about women, style and self love.  If you missed the event, here is a summary of what she discussed.

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Choose Yourself

April 8, 2019

How often do you choose yourself? What stops you from choosing yourself? For many, GUILT is the culprit. I call it the problem of “should’s or shouldn’ts”.  Stay with me for a moment… Somewhere along the way you developed ideas about what life should look like and how you should function within its parameters. These…

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The Gratitude Hack

March 20, 2019

When you are in a state of gratitude, have you ever noticed what’s not in the emotional mix?   Fear. Fear based emotions tend to dissipate rather quickly when we experience a sense of thankfulness, making gratitude a key hack to living your best life.        When we find ourselves postured towards gratitude, it actually…

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