Risk & Reward in Relationships

As a therapist that seeks to live as authentically as possible, I constantly strive to practice what I preach.  I am nowhere close to getting it right 100% of the time, but my desire is to be the best version of myself in all of my relationships.

I often fall short. I am blessed to have people in my life that not only love me despite my shortcomings, but also love me enough to bring awareness to these areas.  You know who you are.  Even though I fight it at times, thank you for reflecting back to me the areas of brokenness that are slowly being healed through our relationships.

As much as I want personal growth and healing to be a destination, I realize again and again that it just isn’t.  As soon as we uncover and heal one area in our lives, another opportunity for healing emerges.  And so the journey continues.

This blog is part of my journey…a journey of hopes.  Moving not only towards personal wholeness and awesome relationships, but also towards allowing others into that process.  In essence, writing this blog for me is about practicing what I preach: transparency and vulnerability.

I believe that transparency and vulnerability are cornerstones of healthy relationships.  Although not always easy to practice, they are critical to not only getting the love you want, but also to living a passion filled and purposeful life.  Isn’t that what we all long for?  To feel fully alive as individuals and fully connected in our relationships?  I know I do.

 I invite you today to take the risk along with me:

 Live Authentically 

Be consistent in character regardless of where or with whom you find yourself.   Take off the mask of perfection and admit your strengths and your flaws.  We all have them.

Practice what you Preach

Especially for us parents out there—this is so important!  Nothing is more critical to parenting than being a role model and leading by example.  When our words and our actions match, we experience an inner sense of congruency as well.

 Be Transparent 

Ask for what you need and want from yourself first, and then in your most intimate relationships.  Be honest about your limitations as well as any tendency to make excuses.  Say yes when you mean it and say no when you need to pull back.  It is better to be uncomfortable for 30 seconds and say no, than to feel days of resentment for saying yes in order to please others.

Show Vulnerability

I believe this is the riskiest and most rewarding choice we can each make.  Risk allowing yourself to be seen by those you love and reap the rewards of more intimate connections.  The greatest relationships are built on a foundation of vulnerability.  It is your vehicle to true intimacy.

Are you ready to risk and reap the rewards?  

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