Secure Attachment

Do you want to learn how to thrive in your relationships? 

Secure attachment is the healthiest of the four attachment styles. Secure adults feel the most satisfied in their relationships because they are comfortable with intimacy and feel securely connected with their partners. They have high-self esteem, enjoy being in intimate relationships and can trust and share their feelings with others.  

Characteristics of a someone with secure attachment include:

  • Have trusting, long-lasting relationships
  • Trusting, empathetic and forgiving
  • Communicates emotions and needs openly
  • Does not avoid conflict
  • Tolerant of differences
  • Manages emotions well
  • Seeks out social supports 

Because adults who are securely attached have good self-esteem, they don’t take things personally and aren’t reactive to criticism, therefore they don’t become defensive in conflicts. Instead, they can de-escalate themselves by problem-solving, forgiving, and apologizing. This means they can comfort their partner in times of distress and are not afraid to seek comfort in others. They are not worried about being rejected and  find it easy to get close to others.

However, people with secure attachment style are not perfect, they too have their difficulties like everyone else and can become upset when provoked just like anyone else. 

If you or your relationship need support, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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